Social Liberal Union
Community Directory

Official governance & approved community links for one of NationStates' preeminent user-created regions

NationStates Page

Where it all started. The region page is where you can find the SLU's World Factbook Entry, which is periodically updated, as well as the Regional Message Board where you can post.

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Regional Forum

Where long-form governmental and community discussions take place. A separate forum account is required to post.

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Library of Parliament

A wiki-type repository where many final records are kept for archiving and preservation. Also used to submit draft legislation and maintain roleplay information about current and former members.

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Elections Portal

Where secret ballot elections for regional governance positions are conducted. Securely verify your identity using a one-time-use key from NationStates to vote.

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Discord Server

The SLU's official community Discord server, where most day-to-day conversations and governance takes place. A NationStates account is required to gain access.

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Alumni Association

The voluntary, real-life association for current and former SLU members, which provides infrastructure, benefits, and organizational support for the region's activities.

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Community RP Map

Check out the latest version of the SLU's optional but official roleplay map, showing nation boundaries, unclaimed territory, NPCs, and certain topographic data.

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Union Tribune Newsletter

View the latest edition of the Union Tribune's newsletter on NationStates, which covers both in-game and real-life topics.

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